Synthetic Wig Care Instructions
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*Shampoo in 4-8 weeks of wearing your wig daily in a controlled environment. Strenuous activities may dictate otherwise.

*In a bathroom sink or small tub, pour in a quarter size amount of shampoo (Aveda Rosemary Mint or Shampure Shampoos are recommended) and fill with warm to mildly hot water. (Hot water helps to dissolve oils; cold water will lead to residue buildup, just like washing a dirty frying pan).

*After soaking the wig for 15 minutes, gently swish a few times, then rinse cleanly with cool-warm water.

Use a dime size amount of conditioner in clean warm water. After rinsing shake the water out of wig vigorously in shower or outside.

*Hang on stand to air dry. Overnight is ideal.

*When dry, brush wig with wire styling brush to create your desired look.

*It is ok to use Aveda’s hair spray (water soluble) to complete your style.

**Human Hair should be serviced professionally**

Many factors should be considered.

The grade, length and age of the hair are some.


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